The Alberta government wants to make renewable energy even more affordable. 30% and 25% rebates are available for homeowners and businesses, respectively.

For homeowners who want a sustainable and affordable solution that offers freedom from increasing utility rates.

For businesses that want to make more by spending less, while investing in a visible and tangible solution for energy efficiency.

State-of-the-art, custom solar energy systems that are different from the rest. Why? Our systems incorporate aesthetics, efficiency and professionalism. It doesn’t stop there. We don’t just provide the system; we provide a lifetime relationship that might come in handy if you have any problems or questions down the road. Trusting Enova for your solar energy needs is your best decision.

Solar Panels on a roof in Edmonton

Solar Power And Solar Panels In Edmonton, Alberta

The technology of solar energy has hit a turning point. Solar panels in Edmonton are now affordable, efficient and a great way for Albertans to increase the value of their property and take advantage of the financial and environmental benefits of renewable energy. Solar energy systems generate clean energy for people so they don’t have to buy it from their utility provider at increasing rates. We believe that people’s hard earned money should go towards planning their futures, not paying their utility bills. 


Let the professionals take over. Whether a new build or existing structure, we integrate our solar energy systems professionally and seamlessly. We pride ourselves on the quality of our projects and the relationships we build with our clients; therefore, all installations incorporate the utmost care and quality. We’ve installed solar energy systems for happy customers throughout Alberta- see what they have to say and how easy and rewarding switching to renewable can be.


Our systems incorporate products and technology from the best companies in the world to bring formidable solar power to Edmonton. We’ve worked hard to find these companies because we want to make sure our customers are getting the highest quality and the most up-to-date and efficient solar panels in Alberta for the most affordable prices.


Enova Energy is an industry leader in solar energy solutions for Albertans. We install high-technology solar energy systems into homes, which enable homeowners to own their electricity for an affordable up-front cost that pays for itself both from the financial savings on utility bills and the increased value to the property. Solar energy is the most affordable way for Albertans to adopt renewable energy solutions that will truly impact their home’s carbon footprint and their reliance on their utility provider.


One of the major misconceptions about photovoltaic systems is that northern climates don’t provide enough heat to sustain our electricity requirements. Fortunately, the capacity to produce solar energy is based on light and not temperature. In fact, solar panels are actually more effective in colder conditions, which means that sunny Alberta is an ideal location to install solar energy systems. Solar energy in Alberta has never been more attainable. The recent announcement of a rebate program from the provincial government is making solar energy even more viable for homeowners, business owners and farmers in Alberta by reducing the already affordable cost of solar energy even more.


We’re the experts when it comes to designing unique and custom solar energy systems for homes and commercial buildings. The systems we design and install are the Ferrari’s of solar energy, minus the price tag . In fact, our vision is to make solar energy affordable for the everyday Albertan, which means the pricing of our superior systems is consistently on par with our competitor’s pricing. Our customers love their systems, our service and the affordability and professionalism we offer. They’re even more enthusiastic when they realize they’ll never have to pay for electricity again and that they’re helping the environment.


Enova Energy is comprised of a team of solar energy experts and installers who strive to make solar energy accessible and affordable to everyone in the province, from homes to corporate headquarters. Years of experience has gone into developing who we are today, our processes, our global partners, and our reputation. We truly provide the most affordable and advanced technology in our solar energy systems in Edmonton, Calgary and throughout the rest of Alberta. If you’re interested in learning more about our company, our services, our products, what it’s like to have solar panels in Edmonton or to learn more about our previously installed systems, contact Enova Energy today.