7 Ways To Reduce Your Electricity Bill

7 Ways To Reduce Your Electricity Bill

In It To Win It? Go Solar!
The best way to reduce or eliminate your electricity
bill is to install solar panels on your home. Great sunlight, shorter payback periods, aesthetically pleasing panels and a 30% rebate from the government all make solar a popular choice in Alberta. Get a free and easy quote from Enova Energy today!


Shut Down Your Computer
Computers can be some of the biggest energy users in a home. Desktops are the #1 culprit. Either ditch the desktop in favour of a laptop or at least shut it down when not in use. A screensaver is not doing you any favours, your computer and monitor should be shut down completely at night or when not being used. 


Ease Up On The AC
We all love staying cool in the summer, but your air conditioning habits can be silently sucking money from your pockets. Ever found your home so cold that you’re putting extra clothes on to stay warm in the middle of the summer? Our bodies do a great job at regulating and adjusting our temperatures, so consider raising your thermostat a few notches and let your body do the work. Also make sure your AC isn’t cranked when you’re not even home! Smart-home solutions such as a NEST are great for helping manage this. 


LED bulbs are the most efficient lighting option. Not only do they last about 25 times longer than regular incandescent bulbs, they also use 75% less energy. Stop replacing your lightbulbs and brighten up your home with lighting that is friendly to your energy consumption. 


Turn Off The Lights
We’ve all heard this one before. Just one switch and you’re done! If you’re really bad at it, there’s an app for that. There are many smart-home solutions out there that will allow you to control your light switches and your lighting habits from your phone. 


Say Goodbye To Your Old Fridge
If you have an older fridge, it may be time for an upgrade. Fridges and deep freezers are huge energy hogs and it might be worth it to replace them with something new. Companies have really improved the energy efficiency of many appliances but it’s always important to check the energy rating before you purchase. An upgrade to your kitchen that also saves money? How can you say no?


Out With The Old, In With The New
Your old appliances probably aren’t cutting it when it comes to today’s standards regarding energy efficiency. New appliances and electronics are much more energy efficiency, so it might be worth it to consider upgrading your old ________. Plus, who doesn’t love new stuff?

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