Who we are.

Enova Energy is an Alberta company that supplies a variety of turnkey solar energy solutions for homes, businesses and large commercial projects. All our systems are installed by fully certified installers who have unparalleled knowledge and skill in the designing and installation of solar energy systems. Areas of expertise include all solar energy systems including: electricity generation, in-floor heating and garage melt applications, domestic hot water applications, forced air applications and agricultural pumping applications. Enova supplies and installs all systems from start to finish and handles all application processes and paperwork for permits, micro-generation compliance, utility provider regulations and incentive programs.

Our Customer Service

  • As a revolutionary company in new and upcoming industry, our goal is to be the leader in providing solar energy solutions throughout Alberta. In order to do so, we’re making sure we go above and beyond in order to provide complete satisfaction and an unparalleled positive experience for our customers. Our personalized and customized approach creates great relationships with our most valued asset- our customers.

Our Expertise

  • We’re not only experts in solar energy but we have in-depth experience in home building, large commercial construction, mechanical and electrical contracting, energy economics and high level supply chain management. We’ve taken the best elements from each of these areas of expertise and knowledge and have compressed them into our business model so that at the end of the day our customers benefit by obtaining a superior experience when it comes to our pricing, products, customer service and process.

Our Warranty

  • All modules and inverters used in our systems have a 12 year manufacturers warranty and a 25 year performance guarantee. Furthermore, residential installations done by Enova Energy have a 5 year workmanship warranty to guarantee satisfaction for our customers.

Our Partners and Supply Chain

  • We’re partnered with industry leading manufacturers and suppliers from around the globe. This means we’ve tirelessly worked to streamline and fine-tune our supply chain on an international scale. Since the technology behind solar energy is constantly being improved, we make sure our customers are getting the highest quality and most up-to-date systems available in the industry for the most affordable prices.

Our Vision

  • Our vision is to accelerate the transition and distribution of solar energy throughout Alberta. These means making solar energy accessible to the everyday Albertan through simple processes and affordable pricing. Our goal is to help anyone and everyone save money and do their part to benefit the environment.