Alberta Provincial Solar Energy Rebate Program

The province of Alberta is taking on the initiative of clean energy. A newly established agency called “Energy Efficiency Alberta” has been designing programs that encourage Albertans to save energy and be environmentally conscious.  Learn more about what Energy Efficiency Alberta is “here

One of the programs that has recently come into effect is the Residential and Commercial Solar Program. This program offers direct rebates to homeowners and businesses that choose to adopt a solar energy system. The program will have an impact equivalent to taking 100,000 cars of the road by 2019 and is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the province by about half a million tonnes. Furthermore, the program will support the creation of 900 jobs in Alberta’s solar sector and will help the industry catch up to other countries that have eagerly been adopting solar energy for years now.

This rebate program makes solar energy even more affordable. Costs of solar panels have come down 80% in the past decade and have seen huge improvements in the efficiency and technology. Starting in June 2017, residences can knock an additional 30% off the total cost of having a solar energy system installed and businesses can knock off 25% of the cost.  For every system installed, the Enova team works hard to make sure that you need to do as little as possible. This means that we apply for the rebate program on your behalf and your rebate is direct deposited into your bank account by the government shortly after your installation is completed.

A solar energy system is designed unique to a home’s roof and energy consumption, so the cost of a system is different for everyone. If you’re interested in seeing what a system would cost for your home or business, Contact Us to get a free and simple one-day quote. Enova delivers value, affordability and professionalism in every system installed. To learn about the advantage of trusting Enova Energy solar energy, click here or give us a call at 780-667-3831.

For homeowners who want a sustainable and affordable solution that offers freedom from increasing utility rates.

For businesses that want to make more by spending less, while investing in a visible and tangible solution for energy efficiency.