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Alberta’s changing energy landscape gives smart, proactive and modern businesses the opportunity to propel themselves ahead of competition by embracing environmentally sustainable solutions. Solar panel systems are surprisingly affordable and provide significant positive impacts to a business’s bottom line and corporate image. Businesses with solar panel systems own their own electricity as an asset and therefore never have to pay for electricity again. This creates significant savings along with the ability to cleverly market their environmentally friendly practices to incentivize and attract local or global customers, clients and partners.

  • Own your energy instead of renting it
  • Decrease operating costs
  • Increase long term profitability
  • Make your business green
  • Promote environmental leadership
  • Mitigate rising electricity costs
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Increase company competitiveness

Alberta's energy landscape is changing.

Take action now to drive your business ahead of competition.

Environmentally sustainable practices can provide your customers with an incentive to choose you over your competitors. 

An investment in renewable energy generation saves significant and increasing electricity costs and positively impacts your bottom line.

Commercial renewable energy
Commercial solar energy

Establish your business as a a leader in your industry.

Create an environmentally friendly corporate image that attracts talented employees and valuable customers.

Strengthen ties with communities your business is involved in.



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