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A solar PV system generates electricity for a home. Typically, a system is installed on the roof of the house and is wired directly to the house’s main distribution panel. During daylight hours, a system generates electricity which runs to the distribution panel and immediately supplements any electricity being used and consumed by the home such as lights or countertop appliances. All excess electricity is then fed back through the house’s meter and is sold back to the utility provider for credits. These credits are then used during the nighttime and dark days when the solar energy system is not generating enough electricity to supplement consumption of the house. This is all seen on the monthly utility bill, as the utility provider will now monitor how much electricity is sold back to them in addition to how much electricity is bought from them. Ideally, a system is designed to balance these two things out so that annually, the house is not paying for electricity. Of course, if this is not able to be the case due to architectural or budget constraints, it is also an option for the system to offset a good portion of the annual electricity consumption. Since less electricity is being pulled from the utility provider during daylight hours, distribution and transmission costs are are also reduced as these costs are calculated as a variable dependent on the electricity being purchased from the utility provider.

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