How We Design a Solar Energy System for You

Enova Energy likes to think that solar power is a viable option for every household. Before installing your solar panels, we set up a site visit to assess your roofing size and structure and get a better idea of your energy needs.

Accessibility of Sunlight

The sun’s rays are at their most powerful from a southerly direction. South-facing rooftops are typically where photovoltaic (PV) solar panels are installed to maximize your system’s usability. If your roof doesn’t face south, we will look at the possibility of installing the panels on flat or east-west rooftops, which collect a very decent amount of sunlight throughout the day.

If there are any obstructions that might prevent sun exposure, such as old-growth trees, we’ll make suggestions for dealing with these issues. Snowfall and dark winter days are inevitable. If you live in Alberta, especially sunny Edmonton, you won’t be affected by the lack of sunlight hours in the wintertime, as most of your energy will be accumulated in the spring and summer months.

Shape of Your Roof

When inspecting your home and roof before we install your solar panels, we’ll determine if your roof is capable of bearing the weight of our panels. While Enova Energy panels can be removed, it can be an expensive endeavour to take them off your roof while you repair it. Replacing shingles and repairing leaks is a reality that every homeowner must deal with. If your roof hasn’t been updated in the last few years, consider getting an inspection.

Your Energy Consumption

Each household is different, so each has its own energy needs. Before we install your solar panels, we’ll sit down with you and your family to get a better understanding of your current energy consumption in order to set you up with the most appropriate PV system.