Are You Ready to Switch to Renewable Solar Energy?

Enova Energy maintains that solar energy is practical and ideal for everyone, whether you live on a farm or downtown Edmonton. Not only is solar power energy efficient and cost effective, it also adds value to your home and helps reduce your carbon footprint.


Are you thinking of the future and wondering if solar power is the right thing for you and your household? You may be ready to switch to renewable solar energy if…


You Own Your Own Home


If you’re a homeowner in Edmonton, Calgary or the rest of Alberta, there is no better time to switch to solar energy. The provincial government is dedicated to helping Albertans make the switch to renewable power by offering plenty of financial incentives. The government’s residential solar program includes rebates up to $10,000 for the installation of your solar photovoltaic system. The cost of your Enova Energy solar panel installation is largely offset by this rebate, making it finally affordable for Albertans to switch.


You’re Looking at the Future


The future is solar. Environmental sustainability is no longer a platform for left-wing political parties. The need for energy efficiency is at the forefront of policy, from municipal to global. The movement toward solar power is a big drop in the bucket when it comes to our country’s goal to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. By 2030, coal-powered electricity generation will be completely phased out. In the meantime, an aggressive carbon tax will make your power bill more expensive every month.


You Want Financial Freedom


It’s truly possible to reduce your energy bill down to zero. How does this work? During the day, your solar energy system generates the electricity that will be consumed in your home. Any energy that isn’t used is sold back to your energy provider for credits, which are then used for nighttime or “dark day” electricity use. At the end of the year, you may notice that your solar PV panel has supplemented some of your electricity bill, or even all of it.


You Care About Reducing Your Carbon Footprint


It goes without saying that if you care about reducing the effects of climate change, you are open to alternative energy sources. Solar energy is completely renewable, which means that no matter how much we use, its energy will never be depleted. It emits 98% less carbon emissions than natural gas and coal and plays a major role in slowing down rapid climate change. Enova Energy systems are built to last over 30 years, which means that you’re investing in long-lasting materials that won’t have to be replaced for decades.


After Researching Renewable Energy, You Decide Solar Power is Right for You




If you’re interested in switching to renewable energy, we strongly suggest you do your research. Any worthy investment takes time and learning to decide if it’s the right thing for you. If you decide that solar power is the right investment for your family and your home, contact Enova Energy to discuss how we can get you started.

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