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Renewable Solar Energy in Alberta

Like many Albertans, you may be excited, if not curious, about recent developments in renewable energy in Alberta. The development of solar energy into new realms of affordability and efficiency has reached a turning point in recent years owing to a long-time vested interest and investment in the technology from many of our partners and manufacturers. Thanks to the industry’s constant innovation and research, the cost of installing solar photovoltaic systems has decreased by 80% since 2005, while the improved efficiency of the technology has increased by about the same rate. We believe that there is no greater time than now to invest in renewable energy for your home.

Renewable Energy using solar panels in Calgary, Alberta

25 Year Environmental Impacts of a Home’s Solar PV System

Trees Planted
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CO2 Emissions

Renewable Electricity in Alberta

While for most of the world, the word Alberta frequently conjures up images of oil rigs, Alberta is diversifying itself in many different sectors and industries, including the energy sector. While oil and natural gas remains an ever-important component of Alberta’s economy, there is opportunity for other sources of clean and renewable energy to serve as reliable, economical and ecological complements in the energy sector. Alberta obtains a lot of its electricity from coal-powered electricity generation plants and various other emissions intensive sources. In an effort to mitigate climate change, the provincial government is trying to decrease dependency on these sources and encourage renewable energy sources through both an aggressive carbon tax as well as a phase-out of coal-powered electricity plants. The price of electricity in Alberta is on the constant rise and is forecasted to reach new heights in a turning point for Alberta’s electricity market. While this is not good for consumers attached to their utility providers, Albertans who choose to be environmentally and financially smart can adopt solar energy systems, which will allow them to own their energy at an upfront cost and be free of increasing electricity costs.

Related to the carbon levy, Alberta will use part of the revenues to further incentivize Albertans to switch to renewable solar energy. This year, the province announced that it was set aside $36 million in rebates to citizens and business owners who install solar panels on their roofs, or 75 cents/installed watt, which can equal up to 30% in savings.

Switching to solar power is affordable. Thanks to the government’s rebates, you can expect to pay off the one-time installation cost of your solar panels within 4 to 7 years. After that, you will discover tremendous energy savings year after year, not to mention the sudden increase in the value of your home.

Renewable Electricity in Alberta

Does Solar Energy Work in Calgary?

Not only do solar energy systems work, but Calgary and southern Alberta are prime spots for solar power generation. The potential for solar panels and other solar energy systems in this province is promising, with a great sunlight resource that exceeds countries like which has massive amounts of solar installed throughout. While the province and the rest of Canada are behind much of the world when it comes to solar energy consumption, we have the potential to overtake everyone thanks to the efficiency and production potential of solar energy in Alberta.

Calgary is known for many things but agreeable weather conditions isn’t one of them. It’s more famous for its cold, stormy winters, and blustery winds than it is for its warmth and sunshine. However, Calgary receives more sunlight than any other Canadian city. And Calgary’s production potential is better than cities like Rome, Paris, and Rio de Janeiro. Fortunately, solar photovoltaic panels work pretty much anywhere in the world where there is sun. Cold temperatures do not diminish the panel’s capacity to store and convert sunlight. In fact, these systems function better in colder conditions.

While packed snow on rooftops is a major concern for many people living in Canadian cities, it’s no longer a big issue. The upright angle of your panels will prevent snowfall from lingering too long and snow melts relatively quick on solar PV modules. Luckily for those of us who experience the worst of winter, most of the house’s solar energy is collected during spring, summer and fall, which means that even if you suffered through a depressing spell of cloud cover and snow storms you will still have electricity running through your home. All Enova Energy solar systems are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Despite the innovative and complicated technology sitting behind what looks to be a simple sheet of glass, our systems are durable, reliable and are ready for whatever weather Alberta throws their way.

Enova Energy Leading Alberta Renewable Energy

Enova Energy is at the forefront of innovative renewable energy in Alberta. We are a home-grown team of experts who always go above and beyond our customer’s expectations in order to provide superior service that is only matched by the quality of our products. We specialize in providing turnkey solar solutions to homes and businesses and make sure to take care of every detail of your installation. We supply and install electricity generation, in-floor heating and garage melt applications, domestic hot water applications, forced air applications, and agricultural pumping applications.

Switching to renewable energy in Alberta has never been easier or more affordable. Contact us today to get started.