What is Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy is not merely this century’s buzz phrase. It has always been available—only, our technology is just now reaching a level of sophistication that can harness its potential on a larger scale.

So what is renewable energy? It is essentially a resource that generates energy that is infinite or naturally restored. Every time a sailboat glides an inch across the water, its sails are using the wind to push it forward. This is a perfect example of renewable energy on a small scale. In order for it to be classified as renewable energy with the potential to replace current non-renewable energy resources, it must be naturally restored on a human scale. Solar energy is merely one member of the renewable energy family. Other examples include wind, geothermal, tidal, and rain.

Why is Renewable Energy Technology So Important?

Renewable energy technologies contribute significantly less to greenhouse gas emission rates. In fact, after your solar panel installation, your energy consumption will produce zero pollution. Unfortunately, our current energy consumption is a major factor in rapid climate change, which is dangerous to not only plants and animals, but also people. In order to mitigate CO2 emissions, the shift to renewable energy technology is vital.

Coal, gas, and oil are examples of finite resources. Oil is running out. Renewable energy, such as that harnessed from the sun, is infinite and available to every single human being on the planet—and it’s absolutely free. The production and maintenance of solar panel technology are infinitesimally smaller than the greenhouse gases emitted from our cars, houses, farms, and factories.

Renewable Energy Today

Fortunately, Renewable energy technology is becoming cheaper and more widely available. Switching to greener electricity is now a concern for the mainstream population, as well as scientists, activists, and governments. We now have viable clean solutions for our energy requirements.

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