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Turning sun's energy into electricity

Solar Energy Systems in Calgary and Edmonton

Solar power in Alberta is available to you at a low cost. Whether the reason for your interest in renewable electricity is financial, environmental, or a convenient combination of both, you will notice the perks of owning your own energy as soon as have a solar energy system installed by Enova Energy. Enova Energy is not your typical Albertan company. The entire team is comprised of some of the brightest and most knowledgeable minds in Canada’s solar energy and construction industry. Modeled after a blend of a silicon valley tech companies and commercial construction giants, Enova Energy incorporates tireless ambition, professionalism and innovation into its team and every solar energy system that is installed in Alberta. Our expert solar power installers offer the industry’s best customer service and are equipped with the knowledge and experience to seamlessly integrate a solar energy system into your life. Our state-of-the-art photovoltaic systems give you full control of your energy, making you the owner and not the renter of the electricity you use.

Renewable Energy using solar panels in Calgary, Alberta

25 Year Environmental Impacts of a Home’s Solar PV System

Trees Planted
Cars off the Road
CO2 Emissions

Renewable Energy for All Albertans

Converting to solar power doesn’t necessarily mean going off grid, giving up your precious lawn to install photovoltaic panels, or saying goodbye to creature comforts. It is viable, dependable, and cutting-edge technology that converts any rooftop into a source of renewable power.

In February 2017, the provincial government announced a two-year 36-million dollar rebate program for anyone who converted to solar electricity. This bold and progressive program promises 75 cents per installed watt, which equals to roughly 30% of the cost, a significant number for most Albertans who are put off by the initial installation cost. Along with these hard-to-resist incentives, the province’s solar power program also promises to add over 900 jobs to the provincial workforce and contribute to the country’s obligation to the United Nations Paris Agreement.

Renewable Energy Alberta

Why Solar Power in Edmonton?

Solar power systems in Edmonton, Calgary, and the rest of the province are some of the most advanced in Canada. The potential for solar energy in Alberta is significantly higher than Germany’s, the country with the most solar installed globally. Thanks to the province’s sunny, colder climate, Alberta’s solar power systems are able to provide solar energy to Calgary, Edmonton, and other cities extremely efficiently. The province’s rebates reflect society’s increasing acceptance of climate change and governmental pressure to implement policies to counteract greenhouse gas emissions. Because of that, access to solar panels in Alberta is more available and affordable than ever.

By 2030, coal-powered electricity will no longer be an option and your electricity bill will consequently become more expensive, even unaffordable. The aggressive carbon tax that was introduced in order to entice homeowners to switch over to clean energy has already made many homeowners consider alternative ways to power their homes.

Solar Energy in Edmonton, Alberta

Going Clean Gets You Ahead

Businesses naturally use much more energy than households, but they are also responsible for producing much more waste. That’s why so many companies are switching to clean energy and going green. Not only does it decrease overhead, but it’s been proven that businesses who show their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint—e.g. going paperless, using LED bulbs, and switching to solar energy—are more likely to boost their reputation. Many businesses who adopt green policies, from global franchises to local businesses, improve their image and outrank their competition. Consumers appreciate when a company cares, and switching to solar is an environmental and economical option that many businesses in Alberta and the rest of the world are taking advantage of. For more information about converting your commercial building’s electricity into solar energy, click here.

The Key to Implementation is Accessibility

We understand that converting to solar power requires a bit of a learning curve. That’s why Enova Energy provides a full, turnkey service from consultation to installation. We will design a solar solution based on the architecture of your building and energy requirements, and install your solar panels to ensure quality control.

Looking Forward With Innovative Technology

The development of solar energy in Calgary and the rest of the province is met with support and excitement from many Albertans who understand that in order to build a sustainable future for the next generation of Canadians, we need to help diminish our contribution to greenhouse gases and reduce our carbon footprint. Developing and implementing technologies that produce clean, renewable energy, whether it’s solar or wind, is a global concern built up of individual participation and cooperation. Solar power in Alberta is the future.

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