Solar Energy in Edmonton

There is no better time to switch to solar energy in Edmonton. The Alberta Government is making it easier and more affordable to invest in photovoltaic solar panels for your home, farm, or office, and the advances of photovoltaic technology has reduced the costs of renewable energy even further.

Alberta’s Position on Renewable Energy

Edmonton is poised to become a major hub for solar energy in Alberta and Western Canada. As early as this year, the provincial government is allocating $36 million in rebates to reduce the costs of solar photovoltaic systems on rooftops, which will create over 900 new jobs in the province. This substantial amount represents a shift in attitudes towards energy conservation and reflects Alberta’s goal to become a leader in sustainability. Harsh carbon tax and the phasing out of coal will soon make current energy more expensive for Albertans.

Why Solar in Edmonton?

Solar panels trap energy from the sun and convert it to electricity that powers a building. Solar water heaters are similar, except that they provide hot water rather than electricity. Any energy that isn’t used is sold back to the utility company, which will significantly reduce or eliminate monthly utility bills. For best results, solar panels should have access to direct sunlight from morning to sundown. Fortunately, sunlight is something Edmonton has in abundance. On a yearly basis, it receives 2345 hours of sunshine, which is spread throughout the seasons. Like most Canadian cities, it experiences seasons of varying temperatures, from scorching summers to frigid winters. Its yearly average temperature offers an ideal environment for solar panel technology.

As part of Edmonton’s Community Energy Transition Strategy, the city is working toward building a sustainable city by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, building greener homes, and encouraging the transition to renewable energy. Enova Energy is at the forefront of this environmental, political, and economic movement.