Solar Panels for Your Home

Renewable energy is the future. The provincial government has made its position clear on climate change. It aims to combat greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels by encouraging residents and business owners to make the switch to renewable energy sources. Wind energy may not be suitable for urban or even suburban infrastructures, which makes solar energy the most affordable and feasible energy source. Solar energy can be scaled down to power a single household or an entire neighbourhood.

The Cost of Residential Solar Panels

Residential solar panels are less expensive than you might think. Photovoltaic systems are becoming more efficient than ever, which has significantly reduced the upfront cost of your single-family solar power unit. The provincial government is encouraging families to invest in solar panels for their homes by offering 36 million dollars in solar rebates. These incentives will allow you to completely pay off your solar panels in four to seven years.

Residential Solar Panels Increase Property Value

The next generation of homeowners cares deeply about environmental issues. Homes with installed solar panels increase their saleability by thousands of dollars and take less time on the market to sell. Properties with solar energy are typically more attractive to potential home buyers, which allows them to enjoy the many benefits of solar energy without having to deal with the hassle of installing them.

The Environmental Benefits of Residential Solar Panels

It’s no secret that solar energy is a clean resource—but did you know that the environmental impact of a single-family home using solar for 25 years is equal to 3,400 trees planted and 25 cars off the road? If only one household has the power to affect that much positive change, imagine what an entire community, province, or even country can achieve.