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Lori Olafson

Owner, Poetry Homes Ltd.

I recently hired Enova Energy to install solar panels on my home. I liked the idea of going solar. It enables you to create your own electrical energy and perhaps get rid of, or substantially reduce the cost of energy down the road. While I would not describe myself as a tree hugger, I also felt that it was one good thing that I could do to contribute to ‘saving the planet’.

Once I made the decision to go ahead, the entire process was seamless. Ben ensured that the installation was completed correctly, and coordinated all of the actions with the city of Edmonton and Epcor.
They installed 24 panels on my cedar shake roof. I was concerned about how they would look on my roof; whether they would reduce the curb appeal of my home. They look great. The team ensured a perfectly even looking installation on my roof.

When installing the panels, we learned that the electrical box in my home was considered a fire hazard and had been recalled. They took care of updating my electrical panel as well.
As a house builder myself, I feel that solar energy is another great feature that you can offer to customers in new and older areas. Older infill lots often have older power lines that are not able to carry the load of all the new appliances and features that we add to homes today. Solar panels could be a great solution to adding to a home’s power capabilities.

What is even more intriguing about solar is that Ben has set me up with a new ap that I can check on from time to time to show me how much energy my panels have been generating. Now, all I have to do is sit back and watch my electricity bill go down or disappear.

Jennifer K

Civil Engineer, City of Edmontonr

To whom this may concern,

The day I realized I was interested in solar energy, I contacted 3 companies to obtain quotes from for my residential property. Ben from Enova Energy, was the person I was in contact with, and gave me the most affordable quote with the largest system. He also provided me with a company profile and the focus on client relationships solidifying my decision. He took a lot of time to explain everything about solar energy, and how they could help us save us money. He walked us though the installation process explained we could monitor electricity production in real time. He told us the system would take at most 2 days to install on our house which was impressive. When we agreed to go ahead, he handled everything, and took him and his 4 team members 1 full day for the complete installation. We for sure got more than what we expected, and our electricity bills drastically went down, and can’t wait for spring and summer. An overall quality installation by a quality company.

Brian O

Owner, Priority Mechanical

I first came across Enova Energy at the Home and Garden show and I was thoroughly impressed by their professionalism and energy. After I got my preliminary quote, one of the owners, Braden, came out to my house and commercial office and went over my roof lines and looked for any obstructions on my roof that may prevent the solar panels from being installed. After that, I got my final quote and I agreed to proceed with installation. I put them on my home and put a deposit down to have them on my commercial building when the 25% rebate for businesses comes out. I would recommend Enova Energy to whoever considers solar.